Light Up Hollywood Style Mirror

By Sehri - May 12, 2017

GIRLS (and boys i'm not discriminating) I think I have just found the perfect addition to my room! For years I have wanted the light up, Hollywood style mirror that you see in all the classic movies, but in reality those things are expensive and I have a small room so it simply isn't feasible. BUT I think I have just found a solution! Check out this gorgeous long, light up, mirror from amazon *insert heart eye emoji here*.

It. is. perfect. It lights up (so it qualifies for my selfie needs) but it is also practical as it holds not only makeup, and jewellery, but it also has a handy hairdryer/straightener/curler holder at the side to make it so much easier to get ready in the morning (or night)! This amazing mirror comes in at £79.99 which is amazing, considering all the storage it has (and the cute lights, can't forget the cute lights). This mirror would make the best addition to a little girls, or older girls room! It comes in 4 colours; black, blush, white and grey, so you can get the perfect one to suit your room as you could easily paint over the white one to suit your hot pink boudoir! 

The link to buy this gorgeous little piece is here -

Until next time my makeup buddies! xox 

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