Unicorn Makeup Brushes

By Sehri - May 12, 2017

No you did not misread the title. Yes today I will be reviewing the cutest brushes to hit the earth. Unicorn makeup brushes!!!

OK so aren't these just the cutest things you have ever seen? Even if they were terrible I would want them however lucky for you that is not the case! These brushes are the softest, most silky brushes to apply makeup. I'm not one to spend like £20 on one brush (yes i'm looking at you MAC) so I usually tend to buy my brushes on Amazon and these have not disappointed. The package comes with all of the brushes you see above for only £9.99 and free UK delivery! Even if, for some absurd reason, unicorns aren't your thing there are a ton of cute brushes to choose from!
These brushes are really amazing, they don't fall apart and apply makeup seamlessly. If you need some more reassurance, just look at the Amazon reviews for yourself!

The link to these beautys is here - http://amzn.to/2r9ss4G

Talk to you later Makeup buddies! xox

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