The SiliSponge! (Sili Sponge, Silicone Sponge aka chicken cutlet - am I right?!)

By Sehri - May 12, 2017

So if you have not heard about the Silisponge by now, have you been living with your head under a rock? Just kidding, my mum doesn't know what the hell a silicone sponge, let alone what a beauty blender is.
If you haven't heard, this 'sponge' is made out of silicone and is supposed to be used for applying makeup. It can be used for primer, foundation, bb cream, blush (anything you want really).

So the idea behind using this 'sponge' instead of a regular makeup sponge is that this silicone based sponge wont soak up as much - or any - product which means that no product will be wasted! This is especially useful if you don't fancy forking out £40 every month or so for your foundation that you use daily.

I found that this 'silisponge' works very well if you are after a full coverage makeup look like myself. However if you have the skin of an angel and prefer a lighter coverage then simply use less product. It can be daunting at first when you see that you are using half of the normal amount of product you are used to, but it does get easier (trust me) as the results on your face do not vary too much! 

Personally, I like this product for applying the foundation to my face so I can achieve a full coverage look. After using this to apply the foundation, I take my makeup sponge to give the foundation a more seamless look and voila! Perfect foundation! 

You can buy this silisponge on Amazon for only £4.99 (which is pretty good if you ask me)!!
The link to buy it is here - 

See you next time makeup buddies! xox

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